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Interesting St. Martin bei Lofer

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Interesting St. Martin near Lofer


Interesting St. Martin bei Lofer

Something Interesting about St. Martin near Lofer

St. Martin near Lofer offers you a real rarity. It is located high up on the mountains but is reachable very easily: The Pinzgau Cathedral the "Wallfahrtskirche Maria Kirchental". Pilgrims visit Maria Kirchental from the whole county of Salzburg, Tyrol and even from Bavaria. The church was built between 1694 and 1701, based on the plans of the most important Austrian baroque architects Fischer von Erlach. Maria Kirchental is a listed building since 2000. You will find an exquisite guesthouse next to the church, where you can top up on food and drinks.

World records are even broken in a small town such as St. Martin near Lofer because the Lamprechtshöhle, with a length of 35km, is the longest cavern in the world.

The Vorderkaserklamm will show you its natural strength hidden in it. Hike this gorge; of course it's free with the Saalachtal Summer Card!

Along a beautiful walking path, you'll find an old mill.

St. Martin near Lofer


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